Vigüela, the deep sound from the Castiles

“Vigüela is triumphant assertion of life itself. […] The excitement in the crowds was infectious as everyone clapped along to the rhythms with shouts of “Olé!””. Evangeline Kim, about their concert at WOMAD UK 2017.

With Vigüela we offer:

  • Concert from quartet on
  • Concert with Janusz Prusinowski Kompania and Maria Siwiec
  • Concert in ronda at the street
  • Workshop of dance
  • Conference, showcooking… any other idea? Surprise us, we’ll love to get involved in your crazy idea!

Listen to them:

“Wonderful proposal. I found it filled with creativity, optimism, and joy.” Daniel Sheehy, curator and director at Smithsonian Folkways, USA

“After decades of flamenco fusions and mestizo mélanges, Spain is probably in dire need of some raw, honest roots music […] Folk group Vigüela have the ultimate credentials.” Chris Moss. Songlines, July 2017

“Strong voices from depth inside them bypasses my brain and hits directly the center of my heart. Something essential is happening.” Janusz Prusinowski, artist and director of Mazurkas of the World Festival, Poland

“Thanks for the huge work of dissemination of the folklore you do.” Yolanda Criado, La Riproposta. Radio Clásica, Spanish National Radio

For further info, visit the band’s website.

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