Trace is a region at the Balcans, on the Southeast of Europe, at the North of Aegean sea, splitted between Bulgaria, Greece and the European Turkey. In Trace, the administrative borders blur in a cultural continuum that is evident on the unique features of its music and its dances. From Trace it arrives the…

Rodopi Ensemble, music from the junction

Rodopi Ensemble is from the Greek part of Thrace. The band has been working for more than 20 years. They play with mastery the traditional styles fro their region, like xasapiko, tsifteteli, karsilamas or zeibekiko. The public can not only listen, but also learn the dances at the workshop provided by Alkis, the player of kanun, that is also an experienced teacher of dance.

Rodopi Ensemble are:

  • Kyriakos Petras: violin
  • Nikos Angousis: clarinet
  • Alkis Zopoglou: kanun and dance teacher
  • Yorgos Pagozidis: percussion
  • Drosos Koutsokostas: lute and voice

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