Suport and consultancy services for artists

Everyday we receive messages from artists that are searching for a manager. How can you work with us? To be true, we are not getting more artists at the moment. The investment in terms of attention, emotion, time, money… to start a collaboration like we do with our artists is very high. We need to love their art with devotion and to trust in them as people, in order to start a path together that is quite demanding.

Although we can not provide you a deeper commitment, we offer you a service to support you to flourish and to provide you skills to develope your career by yourself. Invest on that as you invest on your artistic skills and your instruments.

Service packages:

Analysis of your promo materials (what do you have, what are your lacking)

With advices about how to improve them

With advices about how to improve them

One hour of online consultancy


Wording of text for an email to send to potential clients *
Wording and layout of brochure in PDF *
Answer of doubts and queries, by email


Contact during 15 days

Contact during 30 days

Design of html email to send to managers, programmers, journalists… *
One to one training session (1 hour):

Tips and don´ts in the communication by email / WhatsApp / Facebook messenger…

Enhancing your communication to get attention and generate trust.

How to reach festival programmers and other potential clients.

PRICE 290 € 570 € 890 €

* All these materiales can be produced in one of these languajes: English, Italian, Spanish. For a version in a second languaje: 160 €.

Extra single one hour sessions can be booked by a price of 90 € (for clients of any package).

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