Thank you, amazing people who say such nice things about us!

“I just cannot keep it in myself. I had the chance to listen to Vigüela live afterwards!!!! Wow… I really liked them… Truly amazing… indeed.” Zsuzsanna Kerényi. Cultural manager, Hungarian Heritage House

“Vigüela are so authentic and sincere in their performance that the emotion of the songs is understood regardless of the language barrier and cultural difference […] Musicians, like magicians, took all these instruments “from the hat,” and we, as children, watched enthusiastically what was happening on stage.” Ivana Ljubinković, Magazin Etnoumlje

“Wonderful proposal. I found it filled with creativity, optimism, and joy.” Daniel Sheehy, curator and director at Smithsonian Folkways, USA

“After decades of flamenco fusions and mestizo mélanges, Spain is probably in dire need of some raw, honest roots music […] Folk group Vigüela have the ultimate credentials.” Chris Moss. Songlines, July 2017

“Strong voices from depth inside them bypasses my brain and hits directly the center of my heart. Something essential is happening.” Janusz Prusinowski, artist and director of Mazurkas of the World Festival, Poland

“Thanks for the huge work of dissemination of the folklore you do.” Yolanda Criado, La Riproposta. Radio Clásica, Spanish National Radio