From heart to heart: Castile & Mazovia

They play polka and mazurka with the same musical concepts as our grandparents made jota, son and seguidilla. Many people would be surprised to see our seniors dancing the music of Janusz Prusinowski’s band as if it was the music of their life.Juan Antonio Torres, about Janusz Prusinowski’s music

Strong voices from depth inside them bypasses my brain and hits directly the center of my heart. Something essential is happening – musical message from the center of Spain, both unique and universal.” Janusz Prusinowski, about Vigüela

Together with our Polish friends Janusz Prusinowski Kompania and Maria Siwiec we found a kind of subtle substrate, not provided by the mutual influences of our cultures, but of some kind of human characteristic, that connected both of their musical cultures. Well, it is really moving and the concert is a constant delight and surprise.

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Pictures by Mariusz Cieszewski