Workshops available

Vigüela offers also a workshop of dance on traditional styles and/or of creation of lyrics on the usual meter of traditional styles. The workshop will be adapted for the needs of the participants and the organizer and can be designed for kids or for adults. As an example:
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Loose dance (without touching the other)

The jota, the seguidilla and the fandango are three of the main musical styles with associated dance from the center of Iberian Peninsula that have extended practically throughout all of it and also overseas, to the old Spanish colonies. The dance of these three styles is thrilling, communicative and aesthetically delightful.

The loose dance, where you don´t touch your partner, is made in pairs (man-woman, woman-woman), and the dancers communicate with their bodies the emphasis and the emotion that the musicians and singers convey. They don´t touch each other but there they exists invisible ties for connection and communication, to say each other beautiful things with the gestures and movements of their bodies.

Photo: Mariusz Cieszewski

The basics are quite easy and it can become more challenging and sophisticated according to the experience and skills of the dancers. To learn the basics of these dances means to practice the listening and the interpersonal communication, key aspects of an art form that reveals the nuances and the unpredictability of human emotions.

Creation of lyrics (Spanish language)

Addressed to Spanish speaking participants and/or students of Spanish language.

In this traditional music, the aforementioned styles of jota, seguidilla and fandango, as well as son (a not danced style), are performed on a succession of stanzas, recalled, adapted or even improvised by the artists, on a given meter and on an unpredictable sequence. This way, the lyrics can be made in the moment and used to communicate current events, to send poetic messages to specific participant/s, to launch defiances…

In this workshop, in two groups, each of them with members of Vigüela to support them, create some stanzas on the given meter for been sang. The main topic will be a defiance against the other group, always on funny mood. After that, the band will play and teach an easy melody, and the participants will distribute the stanzas they’ve created and they will sing them to the other group.

Combined workshops, with a part of creation of lyrics and a part of dance can also be provided.