Basics about Vigüela

  • Vigüela has made concerts and workshops in referential festivals like Forde, WOMAD UK, Urkult, Folk Holidays, EtnoKrakow…
  • The basic line-up is quartet. The “All Stars” line-up is 7. Line-up of 5 is quite usual. We can include a couple for dance on request.
  • dance workshop like this can be included to the concert. We are open to collaborations, cooking show, conferences and any crazy idea.
  • Logistics are easy: we fly from Madrid. Baggages are normal (no extra seats needed). Twin rooms are ok. No food specifications, we eat everything!
  • Listen A Tiempo Real, their last album: Pieces from CD1 – Pieces from CD2 (live videos).
  • Watch Vigüela live 
  • Vigüela can offer also a Polish-Spanish collaboration with Janusz Prusinowski Kompania and Maria Siwiec (4 Spanish and 4 Polish artists)
  • And Vigüela is the first band from Spain taking to the professional world acoustic and raw jota, seguidilla, fandango and son performed with the traditional codes of popular music.