Menchu and Mari burst out laughing. Only if you understand Spanish you will understand the humour. They must be reacting to a personaliced couplet, maybe like these?


The writer of these lines is the Cheli or Araceli of the song and the true is that each time I listen to it I also burst out laughing like the first time. Would you like to send some personaliced couplets in Spanish to any person you love? Tell us, we will record some couplets to congratulate his or her birthday or anniversary, to tell that person how much you care. We can even ask for marriage from you! Or, if it is the opposite, if you want the divorce, you can tell in a… let’s say, different way!

Contact us with your idea. We willl ask you if we have any doubt and we will give you price and delivery time. The email and the phone is in the right part above in this website 😉