Traditional dance styles, present throughout virtually the all the Iberian Peninsula, work similarly to the “palos” in flamenco. They are a language shared by the performers, which allows them to improvise and create in real time, even if they have never seen each other before.

The knowledge of traditional styles has the same result as the knowledge of a language: it allows communication between people without the need to compose and rehearse a conversation beforehand. The generative capacity of the interlocutors allows them to create at the moment the messages they exchange, without making prior composition, but respecting rules. Traditional styles work the same way and the artists of this concert will demonstrate it on the stage of the Fira Mediterrània.

“Searching for hugs of water,
Tagus looked to the East,
and it discovered in a couplet,
that Turia is its confidant.”

Juan Antonio Vázquez
From the Tagus to the Turia, the same water flows


The show is the meeting between two artists devoted for decades to the interpretation and
dissemination of traditional culture, both essential reference of the music of their land: the Valencian from Godella, Josep Aparicio “Apa”, accompanied by the gifted multi-instrumentalist Valencian Eduard Navarro and the Toledo Vigüela group. Different tongues ​​and a shared musical language, a substrate of popular art that connects the Plateau with the Mediterranean.


The Tagus looks towards the East and the Turia becomes its confidant


With the common thread of traditional styles for dancing, such as the jota and the malagueña, and also with the melismatic songs, in which the voice becomes the protagonist, such as the cants de batre and the tonadas, in which these exceptional singers shine and move, the concert is a dialogue between two earthquakes of traditional music.
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