Vigüela are selected for the catalogue of recommended artists by AECID, Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for the Development.The AECID Music Catalog is the main tool for promotion, dissemination and cultural programming outside Spain, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. The Catalog is prepared by a committee of experts and includes a selection of proposals of quality from all musical genres.

Jota, fandango and seguidilla are their core reasons.
Voices, skin and wood are their assets.


In a few words:

  • Vigüela have made concerts and workshops in referential festivals like Forde, WOMAD UK, Urkult, Folk Holidays, EtnoKrakow, Okarina, Sharq Taronalari… In 2019 they have played in Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Germany, Slovenia, Poland and Uzbekistan, following the line of international presence that started in 2016.
  • They can play without amplification in suitable venues.
  • They are easygoing, enthusiastic, devoted to music and to the public with all of their hearts. They can share rooms and they eat everything. 😀
  • Logistics are easy: flight from Madrid. Baggages are normal (no extra seats needed).
  • Technical rider will be according to the line up and the venue. We will provide the best option for you. As an orientation, they need 2 DIs and 4 lines with phantom, and each person needs 2 micros (for voice and for instrument).
  • The basic line up is quartet. Quintet is quite commonExtended line ups are available, with musicians and/or with a dance couple. More ambitious projects that challenged they are also welcome!