The Algarve is the most tourist area in Portugal: three hundred days of sun and dream beaches. Despite this, Algarve maintains a large part of its coastline free of mass tourism and its small towns and villages have an old and captivating charm. And, among other secrets of the Algarve, he finds the repertoire of his traditional songs, a cultural legacy that revives in the voices of Moçoilas.

Inês Rosa, Margarida Guerreiro and Teresa Silva make up the Moçoilas group that was born 25 years ago, out of a desire to revive and reclaim the songs of southern Portugal. Forgotten or hidden in time, these songs are part of and represent a large part of our cultural heritage. They reflect the soul and traditions of this area, where singing has always been a representation of identity.

About Moçoilas, we work only for Spain. For other territories, contact with our colleagues of ALG Eventos in Portugal.