Mediterranean Odyssey: rebetiko meets fado & cante Alentejano

A musical meeting of the cultures from the edges of the Mediterranean, based on their music genres, so ancestral and so alive at the same time: Greek rebetiko and Portuguese fado and cante Alentejano, all of them declared as intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

One year after the birth of the idea in the mind of Alkis Zopoglou, director of the Mediterranean Music Festival in Switzerland, the great day of the premiere arrived, with a full house in Rote Fabrik, Zurich, and a bunch of artists and proffesionals aligned with one objective: to make of this a memorable evening of dialogue and sublime art. See how it was:

Artistic team:
• Kyriakos Petras: violin (GR – Rodopi Ensemble)
• Drosos Koutsokostas: voice and laute (GR – Rodopi Ensemble)
• Alkis Zopoglou: kanun (GR – Rodopi Ensemle)
• Nikos Angousis: clarinet (GR – Rodopi Ensemble)
• Yiorgos Pagkozidis: percussion (GR – Rodopi Ensemble)
• Sotiria Diamanti: voice (GR)
• Giorgos Stergiou: oud, guitar (GR)
• Antonis Karatzas: bouzouki (GR)
• Maura Airez: voice (PT)
• Bruno Chaveiro: Portuguese guitar (PT – Á Porta do Cante Ensemble)
• Bernardo “Buba” Espinho: voice, guitar (PT – Á Porta do Cante Ensemble)
• Luis Trigacheiro: voice (PT – Á Porta do Cante Ensemble)
• Luis Filipe Dos Reis: voice (PT – Á Porta do Cante Ensemble)
• Lampros Liavas: ethnomusichologist, in charge of texts
• Kyros Kikos: narrator

Technical team:
• Dimitris Dimitriadis, Panagiotis Galiadis: sound engineer
• Melanthia Zervaki: light engineer
• Grigoris Filidis: in chage of slightshow
• Andreas Tsiamakis, Giannis Magdalasidis: video and photography

Production and communication:
• Araceli Tzigane, Ntinos Thomadakis, Alkis Zopoglou