I had the chance to see Hudaki Village Band at the festival 5 Continentes in Martigny, Switzerland, in June 2019. Fortunately, the festival programmed three concerts with them. And if they had been four, I would have seen them four times. Such is the charm of this band, that comes from a little village from Zakarppatia, the oblast on the southwest of Ukraine. From the very first moment their presence catch and surprises you, promising a experience as rich as the colouring of their clothes. The promise is widely fullfilled in an unforgettable concert in which the music, that is steeped in the Slavic vocal tradition, Romanian melodies, Jewish and Romany rhythms, makes you want more and more.

Araceli Tzigane

In collaboration with Yuri, flautist of the band, we work for many territories, excluding Belgium and Austria.

Hudaki Village Band has performed, among others, in the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Fusion and Bardentreffen in Germany, KlezMore in Vienna, Notes d’Equinoxes Delemont and Festival des 5 Continents in Switzerland, Respect-Prague, Balkan Trafik Brussels, Gooikoorts Belgium and Les Suds Arles in France.



Hudaki Village Band