The music of a country is formed by its landscape and the way of life of its people. Mongolia, in the heart of Asia, is a vast country, roughly five times the size of Germany. It’s a country with endless grasslands in the south into the barren beauty of the Gobi desert. From the snow-covered Altai and Changai mountains clear rivers run through forests and flatlands.

A large part of the more than two million Mongolians still alive as nomads to this very day, in harmony and rhythm with nature, and together with their “five jewels”: horses, camels, cattle, sheep and goats. The music of the Mongolians breathes the freedom and power of the simple way of life close to the nature.

About Egschiglen, we work for Iberian peninsule. For the rest of the world, the reference person is our dear colleague Birgit Ellinghaus from the German company albaKultur.


For over twenty years, Egschiglen has explored the sonorous dimensions of the works of contemporary Mongol composers with their refined arrangements and using traditional instruments and vocal techniques from Mongolia and Central Asia. Some of their pieces have a quality of chamber music with filigree and transparent sounds, others convince with the original enchanting power of the Mongolian folk traditions, taking us from the sound of the Mongolian horse’s hooves to the clear silence of the Gobi desert. But his music is also characterized by its deeply natural and compelling strength.